7 ways to fit in your new office jobIn this tough job market getting a new position can be difficult and it might take a few months finding one.

After being successful in the interview phase, one more challenge is awaiting – adapting to a new workplace and its culture.

As the first day at a new job is approaching everyone starts feeling nervous and stressed, which is perfectly normal since all of us want to make a great first impression.

Despite this stressful situation you must relax and try to stay calm.

After all you got the job – It’s a fresh start with new opportunities ahead!

Here are 7 ways to fit in your new office job:

1.      Prepare

Take time learning all you possibly can about your new workplace and its culture.

Gain an understanding of company projects if there are any.

Find the company LinkedIn profile (if they have one) and look up for your future co-workers to become more familiar with people you are going to work with.

Think about what you are going to wear for the few first days. The best option is wearing a classic outfit until you will see what is proper and what isn’t.

Plan your trip to work. Know the best and fastest way to and from work. Make sure to have an optional route just in case.

Leave plenty of time and arrive earlier.

2.      Be yourself

Calm down, smile and most important be yourself.

Non-natural behaviour won’t last long and people will start noticing it right away, getting the impression that you are fake.

Other important key point is being polite as it always goes an extra mile.

3.      Communicate with co-workers

Introduce yourself to everyone. Most likely you will need to remember a lot of new names and titles, so best thing is pointing them out in your notebook.

When introduced to a new co-worker just ask ‘’could you please tell me something about yourself’’.

From simple answers you can learn a lot about other people and their lives.

You will spend the majority of your day time in the office, so starting to build relations from day one is very important.

By no mean you need to be the best friend with all the colleagues in the office.

Eating lunch together will help building stronger relations.

Invite your colleagues for a meal out or a Friday drink. This way you will get to know them better in a more relaxed atmosphere.

4.      Absorb information

During the first week in a new job absorb as much information about the company culture and your job position as possible.

Does everyone leave work at same time? Where are they eating for lunch? Do they have coffee breaks? Can you use your mobile phone at work?

There are many answers that you wish to know, so take some time on absorbing information.

Take notes of everything your colleagues teaches you about the job position so you don’t need to ask them each time you will forget something.

5.      Avoid all the gossips

Never be a part of any gossip in the office. Stay away by ignoring them. Gossips in most cases are risky, especially when you are a new team member.

It will just lead to all sort of problems. Moreover you can gain a bad reputation and getting rid of it might be impossible.

6.      Have a right attitude

Never pretend knowing everything.

If you are in doubt, just ask. People like helping, just don’t refuse help.

Be likeable and always polite.

Mind how you are expressing your ideas and suggestions. Never use phases like: ‘This is not how we were doing in my previous job’ ’or similar.

People might question themselves about why you joined this company if you liked the way things were done in your previous company.

Don’t start first day by expressing suggestions and your new ideas. Get to know the company and earn co-workers respect first.

The time for you to shine will come naturally.

7.      Show your best

Demonstrate that you got the right skills and mind for your job position.

Show that you are open in learning new things and improving.

If the director and managers will notice your potential, you might have a chance to climb your career steps in the future.

Be aware of what are the team expecting from you. Perform well and gain respect from others.

Offer yourself for projects which might help you to be recognized. Bear in mind to finish given tasks first.

Offer yourself only if you are feeling confident that you will be able to finish it with a positive outcome and in time, else it will look bad.

Good Luck 🙂