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7 ways to fit in your new office job

In this tough job market getting a new position can be difficult and it might take a few months finding one.

After being successful in the interview phase, one more challenge is awaiting – adapting to a new workplace and its culture.

As the first day at a new job is approaching everyone starts feeling nervous […]

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Excel tips and tricks

Excel spreadsheets are widely used to represent different information and data.

Many basic Excel tips and tricks are known by almost everyone, but there a few of them,  which are not so common and will make you to step up, feel special and showof what you are capable of.
Most likely some of you are already […]

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Travel packing list

We all know the feeling of wanting to put that extra piece of cloth inside a luggage but it simply doesn’t fit and we just have to leave it behind.

However, truth being said, the majority of the time we just take too much unnecessary items which we don’t really need.

Recently I saw a young […]

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Phone Interview Tips

Many companies and recruitment agencies use phone interviews to screen candidates before inviting them to meet in person.

They do it in order to reduce the candidate pool and invite only those who impressed via phone interview. It’s also simpler, faster and minimizes company expenses.

Phone interviews plays an important role on getting a new job […]

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Money Saving Tips

Economic crises and increased unemployment are some of the reasons why nowadays more people are starting to save.

Most of us are searching for new ideas and suggestions of where and how we could reduce our expenses.

Today I am going to show you a few money saving tips, which you might be useful for your savings.

There […]

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Ways to Save Money

Saving money can be a difficult task as it requires determination and motivation.

If you want to have an amazing body you need to exercise a lot. You won’t become fit just by thinking of that.

Same situation is with savings. Money in your account won’t appear just by you thinking ‘’I want to save’.

There are hundred different […]

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