travel tips

We all know the feeling of wanting to put that extra piece of cloth inside a luggage but it simply doesn’t fit and we just have to leave it behind.

However, truth being said, the majority of the time we just take too much unnecessary items which we don’t really need.

Recently I saw a young lady in Gatwick Airport struggling to fit all her items into her luggage before checking it in. She couldn’t fit everything inside and eventually had to choose between taking a pair of red high heels or a pair of white trainers.

Disappointed, she had to leave the pair of trainers with a family member and fly just with the pair of red high heels. But wouldn’t some trainers be more useful than extra pieces of cloth, especially if you will walk quite a lot in your holidays?

In this article I will point out some of most important items, which should be a priority in your luggage whenever you are going to travel.

1. Passport or ID Card

Having your passport (when required) or ID Card with you is essential.

If you leave those at home you can forget your trip, so double check that you have them with you before going to the airport.

2. Cash

Having a small amount of cash (notes and coins) can come in handy when travelling.

In some countries a few touristic services (such as taxi drivers) will try to take advantage of your lack of small coins by saying that they don’t have change – meaning you pay more.

You might also find that some local souvenir stores that don’t accept debit/credit cards.

However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t keep all the cash in the same place (one pocket). Distribute them in different places of your clothing so you won’t find yourself empty handed in the unwanted case of a lost/stolen wallet or jacket.

3. Flight Boarding Passes / Hotel Booking

Always have a printed version of your boarding passes and hotel booking(s) reservation.

That will save you both time and money.

4. Essential Medicines

If you need to take prescribed medicine once you in a while, make sure to always take it with you on the plane, should you need it during the flight.

Other than that, you should always carry some basic medicine on your luggage, such as pain killers or plasters.

5. Cosmetics

Some people can’t live without their perfumes or make-up. However, you should only take the essential and mostly focus on bringing important stuff such as sun cream, especially if you are going for beach holidays.

6. Sunglasses

Your eyes are important, so remember to bring sunglasses to your summer holidays.

You don’t want to spend time looking where to buy sunglasses, so think of this in advance.

7. Small Shaving Machine

If you used to shave, forgetting this would be a disaster.

8. Notebook with contacts and a Pen

You never know what might happen.

In case you lose your mobile phone, it’s important to have your contacts listed on a notebook so you are able to find a public phone and call them if needed.

This is just a tiny list of what I think is most important to have with you. If you have any suggestions on items you simply need to have on your travels, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.